Marketing Strategy

Gecko Marketing’s Proven Strategy for BUSINESS GROWTH

Position your business as a subject matter expert, creating a source of valuable, relevant information that your target audience will seek out through online channels.

1. Start with research and the expertise of professionals

  • We define your ideal target customer and create personas.
  • We research their internet usage and habits.

2. Apply research to the creation of content and conversion tools

  • Create a flow of ongoing information via a new blog. Content to be targeted by audience segments (personas) and seasonal themes.
  • Create a series of premium content downloads that the target audience will trade their personal data for.
  • Integrate all of the above seamlessly into your existing online offering & across social media.
  • Develop strong conversion tools – landing pages and calls to action

3. Automate the process for greater efficiency and effectiveness

  • Gecko Marketing is a certified Gold Tier HubSpot partner agency.
  • HubSpot is the world’s #1 inbound marketing software platform. 
  • Track and collect data on your marketing efforts.
  • Integrated CRM with advanced marketing automation tools.

4. Analyze data and adjust strategies as needed

  • Analyze results of A/B testing and data collection to determine which key terms, content and channels are the most effective.
  • Implement updates to campaign in order to improve results.

5. Build on your success

  • Increase your qualified leads and your closing rates.
  • Broaden your reach through audience promotion.
  • Never stop monitoring and improving your approach.
INBOUND MARKETING SUCCESS requires an integrated, strategic approach. Let us put our BUSINESS GROWTH STRATEGY into motion. Contact the Gecko Marketing Team for your free consultation.