Lead Generation

Lead Generation & Sales Conversion Tools

There isn’t a ‘one-size fits all’ lead generation tool. What works with one business may not be as effective with another. At Gecko Marketing, we have found that the best option is to provide multiple entry points into your sales funnel. We also believe strongly in tracking, testing and analysis of your various lead generation funnels, so that adjustments and refinements can be made to further optimize your results.

Landing Pages

Send inbound traffic to highly focused landing pages designed to inform and convert. Unique landing pages are a great way to test your marketing strategies to see which formats and CTA’s are most effective in converting visitors. Gecko’s years of experience designing landing pages will put you ahead of the game from the start.

Opt-In Forms

What type of opt-in form will work best with your audience? Pop-up? Traditional contact page? Exit form? What should it say and how should it be designed? Gecko Marketing does the research on these questions for you. We are continually investing in the knowledge base of our team to keep them informed on the latest trends.

Content Offers

The exchange of content for contact information is a key ingredient in successful lead generation. That content may range anywhere from a coupon to an ebook to a subscription to a newsletter. Providing value and quality are essential in the creation of content materials for lead generation. Gecko Marketing has the expertise required in every area of content creation – video, pdf, email campaigns and more.

Calls To Action

What types of CTAs work best with your customers? Do they need to sense urgency or will respond better to a softer approach? How should your CTA be delivered? What should it say? Gecko Marketing uses a combination of experience, research and testing to guide you in determining the answers to these questions.

Email Marketing

Never underestimate the value and power of email campaigns. Email offers more than a means of direct delivery. One of its greater values is that of data collection. What subject lines cause your users to open? Embedded links provide even more detail about what interests your subscribers by recording the link clicks and the page traffic generated. Gecko can assist you in integrating your email marketing with your CRM and sales automation tools to gain the most value from this powerful Lead Generation tool.

Social Amplification

You know what social media marketing is, but what is social amplification? When a social media post goes viral, that’s amplification. You may have created the content and sent it out across your media channels, but the reach has gone far beyond the limits of your business network. Plenty of research has been done on the sharing phenomena of social media. There are several key ingredients that can broaden the reach of your content. Gecko Marketing can assist you in gaining the social amplification you need to get beyond the borders of your network.

Are you using the best Lead Generation tools for reaching your audience? Contact Gecko Marketing for an analysis of your lead generation funnel.