How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that video is 53X more likely to appear on the front-page of a Google search than a text document? That’s reason enough to consider a video marketing strategy! But once you have your video, what should you do with it?

How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Add to Websites and Landing Pages

Web pages containing professionally produced videos generate 4-7 times more engagement and response rates from consumers, while also rating higher in search engine results.

Placing a video on your website landing page has also been found to increase conversion by 80%. Today, over 8 in 10 marketers are employing this technique, making it the most common form of online video

Include in Email Campaigns

Video in email communications can increase email click-throughrates
by over 96%. 6 in 10 marketers are currently using video in their email marketing efforts, and the same amount believe it improves conversions, saying that consumers are far more likely to make a purchase after watching a video email message.

Furthermore, 44% of marketers saw an increase in the amount of time subscribers spent with a video email, and 41% experienced an increase in the sharing and forwarding of emails.

Insert into eNewsletters

Videos can easily be embedded into online newsletters to make announcements and stories more interactive. Including video in your newsletters can even increase conversions by 50%.

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