Inbound Performance


After 1 year of inbound marketing for a nutritional supplements company, the numbers are nothing short of spectacular. Across the board they have seen better than 100% growth in traffic, contact list, engagement, social activity.

Below are just some of the significant results we helped Progressive achieve..

Contact Growth

Website Traffic

in page views
in visits from
in visits from


“Carl and his team at Gecko Marketing are top-notch. They have created end-to-end ecosystem (website, social, SEO, email, content, video, etc.) for two of our brands. With their help, Inbound Marketing has quickly grown from a simple concept to a strategic cornerstone of our plan.
I couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

– Matt Taylor
Marketing Manager, Bodyplus
messages posted on social media
messages posted
on social media

net new fans and followers
net new
fans & followers

interactions with the brand
with the brand

vists to website from social media
visits to website
from social media

increase in facebook likes
in facebook likes

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website content

Seo Performance

16 new keywords in top 10

25 percents increase in referring pages

22 percents increase in referring domains
69 keywords with Higher Rank