Google Adwords Targeting Options Explained

Unlike “spray & pray” ads of the past, Google AdWords campaigns let you to narrow your audience down by keyword, location, language, audience and more. One of the most powerful aspects of any PPC campaign is the ability to specifically target your potential customers. In contrast to the “spray and pray” ad campaigns of the […]

7 Key Metrics Your Marketing Department Should be Collecting

Do you have accurate tools and analysis to capitalize on the data you are collecting? Here are 7 key metrics your marketing department should be analyzing. Cost per customer, cost per lead, lifetime customer value, ROI; all these are important data sources for your business. Are you collecting this data? If you aren’t, why not? […]

What is Google Remarketing?

“Google remarketing” is a type of online ad that follows people who visit your website or app, for a specified period of time. If you’re like most marketers, you’re constantly looking for the next great digital tactics. Online behaviors continue to change rapidly, and finding ways to engage potential customers online is crucial to long-term […]

3 Tips for Getting Great ROI with Marketing Automation

Good marketing automation creates a personalized experience for customers that they will find refreshing and helpful. And this will always produce better ROI. The term marketing automation might be one of the worst bits of jargon that the collective marketing mind has created. Why? Because it creates the wrong impression. The term “automation” conjures images […]

Can You Get Great ROI from Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is the way to go if you offer products or services on the Internet. Automation allows you to save time besides recording key performance indicators that will later be used to improve different business processes. The right marketing automation tool can boost productivity, help everyone work more efficiently, improve communication and lead to […]