What is Google Remarketing?

“Google remarketing” is a type of online ad that follows people who visit your website or app, for a specified period of time. If you’re like most marketers, you’re constantly looking for the next great digital tactics. Online behaviors continue to change rapidly, and finding ways to engage potential customers online is crucial to long-term […]

Best Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Here are our tips to building a strong content marketing strategy for businesses looking to boost sales and upgrade existing customers. Implementing content marketing strategies to boost sales is becoming pretty common for the online business world. Not only are these strategies able to attract new customers but they can also better convince existing customers to […]

De-Mystifying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines, like Google, typically reward high-quality content that others (your target audience) find worthwhile. But, search engine algorithms constantly change, but the value of great content is hard to ignore. So, if you’re not an tech expert, how should you approach the implementation of SEO on your website? Here are some starting points to […]

How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that video is 53X more likely to appear on the front-page of a Google search than a text document? That’s reason enough to consider a video marketing strategy! But once you have your video, what should you do with it? How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy Add to Websites and […]

3 Tips for Getting Great ROI with Marketing Automation

Good marketing automation creates a personalized experience for customers that they will find refreshing and helpful. And this will always produce better ROI. The term marketing automation might be one of the worst bits of jargon that the collective marketing mind has created. Why? Because it creates the wrong impression. The term “automation” conjures images […]