Google Adwords Targeting Options Explained

One of the most powerful aspects of any PPC campaign is the ability to specifically target your potential customers. In contrast to the “spray and pray” ad campaigns of the past, Google AdWords campaigns empower you to narrow your audience down by keyword, location, language, device, audience and topic. With all of these options at […]

5 Content Marketing Challenges (and how to solve them)

Content marketing is on everyone’s mind. Businesses need to have great content on their websites to help generate traffic and convert leads into sales. If you don’t have interesting, relevant and valuable content on your site, why should your customers spend time there – or even find you in the first place? But easier said […]

7 Key Metrics Your Marketing Department Should be Collecting

Cost per customer, cost per lead, lifetime customer value, ROI; all these are important data sources for your business. Are you collecting this data? If you aren’t, why not? If you are, do you have accurate tools and analysis to capitalize on the data you are collecting? Here’s a list of 7 key metrics your […]

Why Your Business Needs Email Workflows

Email workflows represent the next step in automated email marketing and a big step up in lead nurturing. An estimated 50% of leads may be valid but not ‘sales ready’ when first contacted. It then takes multiple contacts from both marketing and sales personnel to “warm up” these leads and produce sales. But, because there’s […]

One Damn Good Reason Your Need a Business Blog

A common assumption you, as a business owner may have, is that a business blog is a luxury. Maybe you feel it’s a nonessential line item in your marketing budget. Perhaps you even view it a blog as bit of a conceit or an endeavour of narcissism, something brands produce to bolster their own egos. […]

What is Google Remarketing?

If you’re like most marketers, you’re constantly looking for the next great digital tactics. Online behaviors continue to change rapidly, and finding ways to engage potential customers online is crucial to long-term success in raising brand awareness and growing your business. A variety of marketing channels can get you there. But among them, especially if you […]