What Does Your Quality Score Mean for Your Website?

If you are an active AdWords user, you might have run into a metric called quality score. And especially if you are just getting started in search engine advertising, that metric may seem as obvious as it is confusing. On the one hand, its meaning seems clear: it’s an evaluation of your AdWords quality. But […]

Google Adwords Targeting Options Explained

Unlike “spray & pray” ads of the past, Google AdWords campaigns let you to narrow your audience down by keyword, location, language, audience and more. One of the most powerful aspects of any PPC campaign is the ability to specifically target your potential customers. In contrast to the “spray and pray” ad campaigns of the […]

What is Google Remarketing?

“Google remarketing” is a type of online ad that follows people who visit your website or app, for a specified period of time. If you’re like most marketers, you’re constantly looking for the next great digital tactics. Online behaviors continue to change rapidly, and finding ways to engage potential customers online is crucial to long-term […]

De-Mystifying SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines, like Google, typically reward high-quality content that others (your target audience) find worthwhile. But, search engine algorithms constantly change, but the value of great content is hard to ignore. So, if you’re not an tech expert, how should you approach the implementation of SEO on your website? Here are some starting points to […]

Should you be spying on your competitor’s Google AdWords Campaign?

Spying on your competitors Google AdWords campaign is often used by businesses to better assess what the hot keywords are in a particular niche. If you don’t like the term “spying”, keep in mind that you’re really not “spying” so much as gathering advertising intelligence on your competitors. Once you gather what keywords your competitors […]

5 Ways to Improve your Website & Business Performance with Analytics

Make no mistake: going into 2017, your business needs a website. But at a time where your competitors agree with that statement, simply building an online presence is not enough. Instead, you also have to make sure that it performs as desired, helping to attract visitors and convert them to customers. Here are 5 ways […]