7 Key Metrics Your Marketing Department Should be Collecting

Do you have accurate tools and analysis to capitalize on the data you are collecting? Here are 7 key metrics your marketing department should be analyzing. Cost per customer, cost per lead, lifetime customer value, ROI; all these are important data sources for your business. Are you collecting this data? If you aren’t, why not? […]

How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Did you know that video is 53X more likely to appear on the front-page of a Google search than a text document? That’s reason enough to consider a video marketing strategy! But once you have your video, what should you do with it? How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy Add to Websites and […]

3 Tips for Getting Great ROI with Marketing Automation

Good marketing automation creates a personalized experience for customers that they will find refreshing and helpful. And this will always produce better ROI. The term marketing automation might be one of the worst bits of jargon that the collective marketing mind has created. Why? Because it creates the wrong impression. The term “automation” conjures images […]

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL) has been passed and it’s a pretty big deal. This anti-spam legislation is one of the toughest in the world. So, what does this mean for your email marketing efforts? Please be advised that this resource includes our informed interpretation of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law and its applications. This document is […]

Creating Buyer Personas: Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Consumer demands have shifted over the last several years, and understanding your ideal customer is now more important than ever. This can be achieved by creating buyer personas and targeting those personas in ways that are relevant to their needs. It used to be that only big businesses had the time and resources to create […]

Don’t Just Post Your Video. Promote it.

“We need a video.” Given the plethora of statistics that show greater user awareness, engagement, and conversions, that statement is certainly true! Shoppers that view videos are 1.8X more likely to purchase than non-viewers. But simply creating and posting a video on your website will not do much to attract an audience. To ensure a […]

The Future of Content Marketing: From Time Issues to Live Video

Content marketing has come a long way in just five years, and it’s already on track to change faster than it did during that previous time interval. As part of an inbound marketing approach, creating content to attract people to you has become a far more popular option than outbound tactics. Even so, it still […]

5 Website Changes You Should Make to Guarantee Better Results in 2017

Internet trends seem to come and go almost daily. Not too long ago all a company needed was a basic website with good content, solid navigation and some back links to boots its rankings in the search engines. These days, though, with more websites jockeying for customers’ attention, a basic website is no longer enough. […]