5 Content Marketing Challenges (and how to solve them)

Content Marketing Challenges

Don’t have interesting content on your website? Why should your customers spend time there? Here are 5 content marketing challenges, and how to solve them.

Content marketing is on everyone’s mind. Businesses need to have great content on their websites to help generate traffic and convert leads into sales.

If you don’t have interesting, relevant and valuable content on your site, why should your customers spend time there – or even find you in the first place? But easier said than done, right?

Here are 5 content marketing challenges (and how to solve them).

1 Are you out of content ideas?

It’s common for businesses to have exhausted all of their generic blog ideas. Perhaps you just can’t think of anything more to write about or you’re out of inspiration. Don’t worry; it happens to everyone. Try to brainstorm and think of unique scenarios where your products or services are useful. Specific aspects of products or services help to generate interest and can enhance your “findability” by search engines.

For instance, if you have a company that sells monkey wrenches, the usual ideas will only take you so far. It’s typical to have blog posts about types of monkey wrenches and uses. Perhaps your blog only focuses on new monkey wrenches in the market or the design and history of monkey wrenches.

However, it’s possible to go beyond the obvious. Consider who your customer is – what would that person be interested in (beyond buying monkey wrenches)? Are they interested in plumbing? Maybe your blog could be about innovations and news for that whole industry.

The key to successful blogging is to find out what your target audience is interested in and make sure you have content on your website that they can find. Now your blog looks a heck of a lot more interesting and you have a better chance of attracting a larger audience.

2 Is your content not very good?

The next step to content marketing is making sure the content is great. If you’re not getting the traffic or visitors you would like to your website and blog, it’s time to take a step back and reflect. A rule of thumb we heard repeated when we attended the big Inbound conference in Boston was, “if your content isn’t 10X better than anything your competitors are doing, don’t bother.”

That’s a scary number, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem. If you’re not confident in your writing skills, outsource. Collaborate with a content marketing company (like Gecko Marketing !) and have a team of writers create your blog and social media content. There are a lot of affordable options when outsourcing content and you can specify what type of writing and what kind expertise you want your writers to have.

3 You have lots of content, but no audience.

If you have diligently posted your content on your blog, but you’re not getting the audience you want, there are various strategies to consider. Make an effort to create engaging social media posts that let audiences know about your latest blog posts. Use catchy headlines and creative descriptions to capture people’s attention. Simple changes on your website, such as making your blog and social media links more visible, also helps. A pay-per-click campaign or Google ads can also direct people directly to a specific blog post (instead of your generic home page).

One of the great things about a blog is its potential to be the answer to all your customer’s Google search questions. Consider who you want to find your blog. What combination of words would you want them to type into a Google search bar – and find you?

A typical Google search consists of “product/service” + “location”. Creating a blog post that optimizes the many different ways your customer types in a query can allow you to rank better in search results much more effectively than hoping customers find your home page.

You can also partner with other businesses, media channels or even conferences. Ask yourself, what are you an expert on? If it’s monkey wrenches, maybe Monkey Wrenches Monthly would love it if you wrote an article about your industry for their blog. This is called “guest blogging” and it’s a good way to earn a link back to your own website.

4 You have legal or compliance questions.

Certain industries have very specific legal or compliance standards, which affects content strategies. People in legal or financial professions may have various rules they need to meet, which can vary by country or even province. However, it’s still could be useful to hire a content marketing company. A marketing company is not necessarily going to be an expert in your industry. You are. But they can work with you to help create a process that is both easy to follow and conforms to your industries’ regulations or specifications.

Discuss the laws and compliance standards that pertain to your business with your content partners. Just because there are tight rules your business has to follow doesn’t mean you can’t have great content, as long as you have a process in place.

5 Content marketing isn’t in your budget.

There are only so many people in your organization. Your marketing department and resources are finite. There’s no way to do a content marketing strategy ‘right’. Sound familiar?

It’s true that content marketing takes time (which translates to money). It’s absolutely understandable if you don’t have in house resources to produce flawless, sparkling content – on a consistent basis. There’s no way around this – you need to bring in a third party expert who can analyse your process, abilities and resources and find efficiencies.

As well, a content marketing company brings new perspectives and ideas to your business. It’s helpful to work with an outside marketing team that has experience in creating high-quality content with specific goals in mind. By delegating the work, your team won’t be overwhelmed by all that needs to get done.

You may have noticed that throughout this article we have mentioned hiring a content marketing company a few times. You may have your own ideas, but if you want to reach out to us, we’d love to discuss your needs. We have the resources to help your business grow its online presence.

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