Lead Generation

We offer lead generation services designed to get your phone to ring and help grow your business. Whether you need to generate lists for email campaigns or outbound calls, want to create effective landing pages, or simply want to better understand your web traffic with funnels and conversions, we can help.

Email Campaigns

Email remains a powerful way to communicate with potential customers. We create visually engaging messages that establish new connections and keep you in front of potential customers

Landing Pages

Landing pages are pages specifically designed around 1 message and 1 action you want people to take. They remove the clutter of information one might find on your typical webpage and narrow down the focus of your message. They have clear calls to action and are important for any kind of marketing efforts like a Google Adword Campaigns.

Funnels and Conversions

Funnels are great ways of tracking the path your visitors take and understanding what is / isn’t working in your process. A funnel can show you where you are losing customers in a sales sequence

An example Funnel

Home > Products > Add to Cart > Shopping Cart > Billing Info > Shipping Info > Purchase Confirmation > Thank You

Conversions are any goal you might want to set for your audience — whether that’s purchase your product, sign up for your newsletter or filled out a form to receive more information. With conversion tracking you can set up the goal and assign a dollar value to it to better understand your ROI (Return on Investment). They are particularly useful for tracking marketing campaigns.

Outbound Calling

If you are really looking to build your business, Outbound calling can be an effective solution for specific services. We will work with you to identify a calling script, generate targeted lists, and set up warm leads to book appointments to close the deals.

Ideally suited for: Collection Agencies